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This was one of the quickest plays I ever had, but one of the more "eorth it" of the lot, picked up the free version on Steam and ended up buying the DLC to support it but had I known it was here...

Is this the Special Edition with the extra chapter?


Thanks for playing Waldschatten. No though, the version on itch is just the base game, with the extra chapter being on the Steam DLC only.

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All of the art was commissioned, except for the UI which was free.

Ending Art Piece with Main Character:

Background Art Pieces:



The ending tho. I'm going to start by saying the scenery is absolutely breathtaking! Amazing artwork, amazing style and honestly the music makes it even more enjoyable. And oh my god, the story is wonderful and sad. One of the best dialogues I've read in games, cute and funny with a touch of nostalgia. I like the overall message at the ending! Hope I see more of your work.